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v2.5.0 – Custom Reporting, Tags, and Themes

  • Drill down into exactly the information you need with customizable reports.
  • Users and groups can now be tagged for easier assignment and reporting.
  • Upload your own custom CSS theme for the site.
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v2.4.5 – New Criteria Settings

  • Notify other mentors when a student scores above or below thresholds you set.
  • Add non-graded criteria visible only to other mentors.
  • Control when mentors get notified of responses needing feedback.
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v2.4.4 – All-new Scenario Designer

  • The scenario designer has been rebuilt from the ground up.
  • Mentors can now be assigned different permissions per group.
  • Criteria can now be weighted by adjusting their max score.
  • Scenario videos can now include a presentation.
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v2.4.3 – Copy / Paste Programs and Scenarios

  • It is now possible to copy and paste scenarios, topics, and programs, making duplicating very easy.
  • Students in multiple groups will now see all their assigned role-plays in one list in the catalog, removing the need to switch between groups.
  • The option to post a negative vote for leaderboard entries has been removed, simplifying the leaderboard experience.
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v2.4.2 – Program Quick Assignment

  • Admins, and designers who are also mentors, can now assign programs to groups directly from the catalog.
  • Also, users can now choose to receive scheduled email digests of recent activity instead of getting notified immediately.
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v2.4.1 – Designers

  • There is a new setting in user records called “Designer”.
  • This setting works exactly like “Mentor”, except it is for programs instead of groups.
  • If you are a designer for a program you can add/modify/delete scenarios in that program.

v2.4.0 – Audio-only Responses

  • It is now possible to configure scenarios to prompt students for audio only.
  • It is also possible to configure scenarios to allow audio only if a camera is not available.
  • We now have a specific lists of IP addresses customers can whitelist to eliminate firewall issues.
  • Upload speed and video quality have been improved as well.

v2.3.0 – Presentation Scenarios

Add a Powerpoint presentation and have your students give the presentation when responding.
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v2.2.0 – New Metrics & Reporting Section

It is now possible to access extensive reports on your students’ performance and activity.
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v2.1.1 – The Conversation Thread

Role-plays now go beyond a single back-and-forth interaction by allowing mentors to prompt students for a follow-up response.
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