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Rehearsal is now a part of ELB Learning (formerly known as eLearning Brothers)!

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Scale your training programs with Rehearsal AI.

  • Provide learners the feedback they need to improve their sales and communication skills
  • Adjust learning paths automatically based on performance
  • Predefine the keywords learners must mention in order to proceed

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis reports provide learners immediate insight on the quality and substance of their responses. These reports measure performance by evaluating facial expressions, pace, articulation, enthusiasm, use of filler words, and much more.

Mentors can also access learner reports to provide more impactful coaching and feedback to learners.

Adaptive Learning

Build programs that automatically adjust a learner's path based on performance with Rehearsal’s intelligent journeys and content branching functionality.

You can also allow learners to guide their own skill development by prompting them to reflect on and evaluate their own responses.

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"This is the future, no doubt."

Rehearsal shifts the focus from knowledge to skill application. It allows a person's actual skills to be practiced and coached to versus theories or what someone says they do. And I like how it incorporates a person's body language and support tools, which are actually stronger communicators than words. Too many times these areas are overlooked or assumed to be "fine".
Lance Crow
E-Learning Consultant
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