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Our Story

A little about us

We are a closely knit team committed to thinking differently about training and creating meaningful change in our industry. We have passion, bold ideas, and a crazy work ethic. We are often the underdog and we like it that way. We answer emails at 3AM and give out our cell phone numbers. We develop lasting, meaningful relationships with each and every customer. We are focused. We are talented. We are unstoppable.

talented Rehearsal team

Our motivation

Companies spend approximately $100 billion on training each year, yet studies show that 70% of these dollars create no lasting impact. The LMS has largely become an instrument for activity tracking and documents storage, but does little to change behavior.

food truck that visited a Rehearsal company event

What we believe

Athlete, musician, sales rep, CEO... no one becomes great without deliberate practice. We are committed to bringing this concept to the business world and providing people a safe place to practice skills, receive coaching, and collaborate with others.

Rehearsal team presenting their sales training product at a tradeshow

One more thing

We are privately held, debt free and rapidly growing.

Rehearsal team member working on the training solution software