Deliberate Practice with Author & Speaker James Clear

Hear what habit and routine expert James Clear has to say about the benefits of deliberate practice and the four rules of behavior change.

Sales Enablement with Selling Power CEO, Gerhard Gschwandtner

"There is a huge difference between intended behavior and actual behavior."

Rehearsal in 60 Seconds

Practice, Coach, Collaborate. Anytime, Anywhere. On any device.


“Whether you are looking to boost your teams customer service skills, sales expertise, or tech support knowledge, this easy to use platform allows you to create customized scenarios that your team can reply to anywhere.”

The Conversation Thread

"The conversation thread is where you build your communication skills by responding to video scenarios; it is the heart of Rehearsal."

Presentation Scenarios

"Presentation scenarios require you to give a presentation while recording your video response. These scenarios help you to build your demonstration skills by allowing you to review and refine your delivery."

Screen Capture

Easy screen recording works with any desktop browser and opens up new training applications like practicing software demos or sales presentations.

Rehearsal Overview

Learn how Rehearsal supports effective and lasting staff training with valuable features including hotseat scenarios and the leaderboard.

Why use Rehearsal?

“Whether you are training new employees, introducing a new product to your salesforce, managing customer relations, or simply improving interaction and communication skills, Rehearsal provides an affordable and accessible solution.”


"It's time to replace good with great"

Customer Success

"We are fanatical about customer success because we want to go above and beyond and do what it takes to make you successful not only with our technology but with your objectives as well."

New Direction

Hear from CEO and Founder, Darik Volpa, about Rehearsal's new direction - the best is yet to come.

Former Navy SEAL on Practice

“The most important thing that you have got to do is to improve, the only way you can improve is to actually practice and take that practice and put it into action.”