Mobile phone showing Rehearsal's powerful coaching and training platform
Go Mobile with Rehearsal

Give your team the ability to practice sales and communication skills, receive coaching and feedback, and collaborate with others, all from their mobile devices.

Laptop showing Rehearsal's collaborative Channels solution
On-Demand Learning and Collaboration

With progressively more learning occurring organically, Channels delivers an on-demand solution to soft skill development. Channels enables organizations and teams to share, collaborate, and learn using the power of video.

Five Pillars for Effective Practice and Coaching Programs
Five Pillars for Effective Practice and Coaching Programs

When designing new programs, mindful planning around each of the pillars will yield improved adoption, increased engagement throughout, and ultimately a greater impact.

Car dealership that uses Rehearsal for sales readiness
Making Sellers More Effective

Rehearsal has helped Edmunds create a motivational atmosphere for sellers. This atmosphere drives a deeper understanding of learning and enables them to coach from top to bottom.

Woman using Rehearsal's sales training and coaching software to practice her presentation
Builder's FirstSource Utilizes Rehearsal

Builder's FirstSource utilizes Rehearsal with the Level Five Sales Coaching System. Hear their story of engagement and the difference between sales training and sales coaching.

Woman using Rehearsal's sales training and coaching software to practice her presentation
Be Ready for your Moment

Mentors create training scenarios and send them to their teams. Team members rehearse their pitches, get feedback from mentors, and practice anytime, anywhere to be ready for their moment.

Author and speaker James Clear discussing deliberate practice and behavior change
Deliberate Practice with Author & Speaker James Clear

Hear what habit and routine expert James Clear has to say about the benefits of deliberate practice and the four rules of behavior change.

Gerhard Gschwandtner discussing Sales Enablement
Sales Enablement with Selling Power CEO, Gerhard Gschwandtner

"There is a huge difference between intended behavior and actual behavior."

Man using Rehearsal's sales training and coaching software to practice his sales pitch
Rehearsal in 60 Seconds

Practice, Coach, Collaborate. Anytime, Anywhere. On any device.

Overview of rehearsal's training solutions and coaching software
What Makes Rehearsal Valuable

Learn how Rehearsal supports effective and lasting staff training with valuable features including hotseat scenarios and the leaderboard.

woman presenting using the performance and training skills she developed through using the rehearsal training platform
The Power of Practice

"It's time to replace good with great"

screen capture of a medical presentation
Screen Capture

Easy screen recording works with any desktop browser and opens up new training applications like practicing software demos or sales presentations.

Customer Success representative speaking to the customer experience with Rehearsal
Customer Success

"We are fanatical about customer success because we want to go above and beyond and do what it takes to make you successful not only with our technology but with your objectives as well."

Darik Volpa discussing rehearsal's new direction
New Direction

Hear from CEO and Founder, Darik Volpa, about Rehearsal's new direction - the best is yet to come.

Former Navy SEAL on Practice
Former Navy SEAL on Practice

“The most important thing that you have got to do is to improve, the only way you can improve is to actually practice and take that practice and put it into action.”