Customer Success

Our Customer Success Process

At Rehearsal, our customers' success is not focused on just the implementation of our platform, rather it is predicated on understanding our customers desired learning outcomes. We then leverage that knowledge as we work with customers in an open engagement model, assisting them in creating successful learning programs that transform and elevate their organizations.



  • We seek to understand your desired outcomes.
  • We brainstorm with you to achieve greater understanding and results.
  • We want to understand the why behind your challenges.


  • We provide a frictionless experience with proven processes.
  • Our open engagement model provides you flexibility.
  • Every interaction is an opportunity for success.


  • We believe in perpetual evolution for ourselves and our customers.
  • We help you truly transform and elevate your organization.
  • We live for feedback, from kudos to improvements, we want to know!

How We Engage

From the first day you become a Rehearsal customer our Customer Success team sets your success in motion. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will follow our proven engagement methodology to ensure we are working side by side to achieve your desired outcomes.


Success Planning

Engagement at Rehearsal starts with a Kickoff where we begin creating your success plan. This plan is where we document and organize details around your success metrics, programs, scenarios and timelines. This plan is our mutual blueprint for long term success.



The onboarding process focuses on configuring your Rehearsal environment, creating your programs, and delivering training. We provide multiple levels of training to ensure that your Administrators, Mentors and Users are comfortable with the platform.



We know that the going live with technology is a big deal. Everyday at Rehearsal we announce and make a big deal of our customers that are going-live. We establish a hyper awareness that all hands and eyes are ready to support you moving forward.


Ongoing Success

Our commitment doesn't end when you go-live with Rehearsal. We continue to collaborate with you on analysis-reviews of current programs, planning of future programs, providing best practices, and engaging in feedback loops.

We're here to make you successful - Whatever it takes!

We have some great methodologies to guide customers toward success, however we want our customers to engage us however works best. Our open engagement model is truly just that “open”, so if you want to jump on a call to brainstorm ideas or just get a fresh perspective we are here to make sure you have continued success.