Case Studies

Edmunds Case Study
Edmunds Case Study

"We believe in the journey toward 'effectiveness'. Our philosophy is that we are making sellers more effective versus enabling them to sell better."

Pharmaceutical Use Case
Pharmaceutical Use Case

“Sales representatives responded with a 92% 'successful' rating when asked to rate the utility and value of the practice sessions.”

MarketWired Case Study

“Sales managers and team leads noticed immediate improvement in live responses, enhanced game faces, and increased confidence levels.”

Customer Feedback
Medical Device Company Feedback

“Even the most tenured reps might know what they want to say but until you actually practice it, there is no guarantee that it will come out right every time.”

Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall Solution Provider

“Today’s learning is more than skill-building, it is about improving performance through practice, practice, practice in a learner-centered environment.“

Coaching Through Questions
Coaching Through Questions

“Playful banter began as reps uncovered bad visual and oral habits, such as playing with their hair and saying “um.” It was eye-opening and drove reps toward self-improvement.”

AbbVie Case Study

“96% rate Rehearsal as good to excellent and 78% agree or strongly agree that Rehearsal VRP can help them effectively understand and practice their sales models”

Alere Interview

“A way to continue the learning and to ensure learning transfer. Rehearsal makes this possible, which is a game changer for the future of how we learn.”