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Rehearsal is great. You all are going to take over the world! I will say that finding room in the budget each year is difficult. Rehearsal is one technology that I would never want to be without.

Andrew Plunkett
VP of Global Education, Sales and Marketing

After using Rehearsal, one of our most seasoned sales representatives with 15 years experience said the platform was "easy to use" and "practicing would definitely improve her skills"

Just like major league baseball has spring training our business now has Rehearsal!

MaryAnne Amato
Director, Global Sales Learning & Analytics

There is not a better platform available to reinforce messaging and share best practices across a distributed workforce

Deana Kliner-Griffin
Director of Sales Training

The beauty of Rehearsal VRP is that it's not only easy to use, but it's versatile. You can use it as a tool for ensuring communication alignment, 1:1 coaching, dialect feedback... the possibilities are endless!

Kerri Meyer
Leadership & Personal Development

I have found the tool to be a lifesaver when it comes to working on consistent and correct messaging across a large team. I am able to coach and teach from my desk saving the company about $1,500/week in T&E.

This is the best investment from a training perspective I have made in 5 years. It is empowering and helps establish best practices across a broad team quickly. Thanks for your awesome support!

Beverly Spencer
Business Leader - Healthcare Training

Our sales teams are buzzing about video role-play. I just had another meeting with our Annuity National Sales Leader and he wishes we could have launched with his team LAST week. Everyone sees so many possibilities... I have to be careful they don't REHEARSAL them to death!

Edwina Word
Sales Learning & Development

I was introduced to earlier this year. It is amazing. We have completed 1300 role plays in less than a week. We will do another 2500 in the next few days. All of the Senior Sales Executives love the solution. Well done!

Frank Slovenec

Our sales forces is spread across all of Europe. Rehearsal is a great platform to follow up with the team members on what they have learned in centralized training courses, no matter how far they are from headquarters. There is no need for a centralized refresher courses anymore, as we can use Rehearsal any time. We’re not only saving money, but I am also getting a clear understanding of the development needs of each participant.

Roland Jaggi
Director Revenue Management, Pricing & International Sales

I believe that continuing to practice the basics is a game-changer in sales. In my experience, people have a tendency to drift away from what works over a period of time. We have brought our team together on several occasions to cover basic meeting topics and schedule practice of our sales approach. It always turns out that the practice gets shortchanged or bypassed altogether because we get reluctance from the people to live role-play. They create as many diversions as possible to keep from participating. We have had similar problems with meetings that have been called for the express purpose of role-play.

When I discovered Rehearsal, I immediately thought I had found the answer to our practice woes (and I was right). I had each person record a section of their sales language using the platform. When I learned that each person had recorded an average of 5 takes before they were satisfied with the recording they would submit, I knew this system would create the practice opportunities I have been looking for.

Everyone enjoys using the system and immediately voiced that they found great value in the practice the system creates.

I liked the system so much that I connected the Rehearsal folks with the right people at our internal corporate headquarters. Our company needs this product worldwide to help us improve our skills.

Tyler Winner