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2 out of 3 Employees are not Engaged


According to the “2018 Gallup Report,” 67% of US workers experience some level of work disengagement. Gallup notes the three major reasons: unclear and misaligned expectations, ineffective and infrequent feedback, and unfair evaluation practices and misplaced accountability.


This represents an opportunity. According to Gallup, engaged employees increase productivity by 17%. Bersin & Associates discovered that organizations that use modern learning strategies, including a variety of learning measurement and evaluation techniques, achieved three times more revenue than companies that did not.

77% of employees believe their manager needs to improve the meaningfulness of the feedback they currently provide
74% of employees believe their manager needs to more directly relate feedback to their job performance
79% of employees believe their manager needs to improve how they manage their employee’s performance to motivate them to excel in their position

Take the First Step Towards Employee Engagement

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What customers say about Rehearsal

Great product, better service

“Rehearsal is a great tool for our sales reps around the world to practice their calls in a safe learning environment. It also gives our managers the opportunity to see what their reps are truly saying in the field and provide coaching to help them improve their business.”

Reviewed by Katie P. on G2 Crowd

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The proof is in the results

“Results! We saw higher cross sales and referrals when using Rehearsal. Additionally, the concept is genius. People naturally don't want to submit a video that isn't their best work, so they usually record themselves several times before sending. Each time they practice they improve. They are self motivated to practice.”

Reviewed by Denise W. on G2 Crowd

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