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Scale your training with adaptive learning.

Use Rehearsal to deliver performance-based learning, automatically analyze responses for the presence of keywords, allow learners to self-assess, and auto-complete scenarios to scale training and dramatically reduce mentor workload. To participate in a video-based practice activity, try Rehearsal today.

Intelligent Assessment

Leverage artificial intelligence to analyze responses and determine whether learners have used the mentor-defined keywords required to pass.

Adaptive Learning

Train at scale across competency levels by building programs that automatically adjust a learner's path based on their performance.


Allow learners to guide their own skill development by prompting them to reflect on and evaluate their own responses.


Assignments are completed as soon as a response is submitted, allowing learners to maintain focus and continue practicing without slowing down to wait for feedback.

Traditional Coaching

Mentors can engage one-on-one with learners who need guidance the most by leaving text and video feedback and/or prompting learners to submit a follow-up response. This personalized approach to training increases results and satisfaction.

Experience Rehearsal

Discover the power of efficient and scalable video-based practice today.

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