No one becomes great without practice.

Rehearsal is a video-based practice platform. It gives your team a safe place to develop their selling and communication skills so they can perform when it matters.

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Why Video-Based Practice
Be ready for your moment.

Create training scenarios and send them to your team or organization. Learners practice responding at their convenience, and receive coaching and feedback, ensuring they are ready for their moment.

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Intelligent Assessment
Scale your training with self-guided programs.

Use Rehearsal’s ability to automatically analyze responses for the presence of keywords, allow learners to self-assess, and auto-complete scenarios to scale training and dramatically reduce mentor workload. To participate in a video-based practice activity, try Rehearsal today.

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“Great Product, Better Service”

Rehearsal is a great tool for our sales reps around the world to practice their calls in a safe learning environment. It also gives our managers the opportunity to see what their reps are truly saying in the field and provide coaching to help them improve their business.

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E-Learning Specialist
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Effectiveness White Paper
White Paper
Learn how Edmunds increased sales by 102% using Rehearsal. is committed to finding and implementing the technologies that will make the company's effectiveness practices scalable, culture-changing, and KPI determined.

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