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Why video-based practice

Create training scenarios and send them to your team or organization. Learners practice responding at their convenience, and receive coaching and feedback, ensuring they are ready for their moment.

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Paychex Onboarding and Engagement Case Study
Case Study
How Paychex used video to shorten speed to competency by 41%

After new Small Business Market sales rep turnover increased and revenue did not meet plan, it was time for Paychex to dramatically re-engineer their sales onboarding.

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Man using Rehearsal on his mobile device
Blog Post
Another case for virtual learning

Whether by choice or not, transitioning to the virtual classroom has advantages. Many organizations looked to make the move prior, but for some the pandemic forced their hand, why?

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phone showing Rehearsal's new self-grade feature
“Great Product, Better Service”

Rehearsal is a great tool for our sales reps around the world to practice their calls in a safe learning environment. It also gives our managers the opportunity to see what their reps are truly saying in the field and provide coaching to help them improve their business.

Katie P. on G2 Crowd
E-Learning Specialist
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