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Learn How Edmunds Increased Sales by 102%

closing a sales deal after strengthening skills with rehearsal's sales enablement platform

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Better Training, Stronger Teams, Higher Sales.

Edmunds.com is a web-based automotive research site that connects millions of car shoppers with thousands of car dealers. They provide the platform that allows consumers to navigate the car buying experience from the comfort of their computers. With a nationwide sales team of more than 140 people, Edmunds needed a solution that would facilitate consistent and effective sales training and enablement regardless of geographic barriers or individual skill sets.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • How Edmunds leveraged the power of Rehearsal to get triple digit results
  • What Rehearsal revealed about their sales managers’ abilities
  • The performance differences in teams who used Rehearsal vs. those that did not
  • How coaching and feedback plays a critical role in performance improvement
  • How Edmunds is expanding usage of the Rehearsal platform