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Let Us Show You How Video-Based Practice Can Significantly Improve Performance for Your Organization

celebrating significantly improved performance and increased mentor and coach readiness with scenario-based training and social learning with rehearsal

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See for Yourself the Power of Video Based Practice.

Rehearsal creates purposeful practice and facilitates meaningful coaching whether you are looking to improve the onboarding process, increase sales competencies, or create cohesive product messaging. Schedule your demo now to see how our years of experience and study on video-based practice has been developed into Rehearsal’s feature-rich platform.

See how Rehearsal:

  • Accelerates skills development
  • Provides a safe space for learners to practice and perfect their skills
  • Creates lasting impact
  • Leverages social learning
  • Overcomes geographic and scheduling challenges

Why Video-Based Practice and Training?

Travel costs eat your budget.

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of total sales training costs are travel and lodging.

Employees choose video first.

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more likely to watch a video than read documents, emails, or web articles.

Everyone uses video.

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of organizations will use video as part of their digital learning strategy.