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Today’s Most In-Demand Skills


Soft skills aren’t just a nice-to-have, they are a must according to Forbes, LinkedIn, and others. Employers consider them the most in-demand skills today. Communication, persuasion, empathy, and other interpersonal or people-related skills are the most highly sought after.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are hard skills. Hard skills make up the technical know-how that is specific to an industry or to one’s role or function within the organization. While these are critical, you would be hard pressed to find a role where hard skills alone are enough to achieve success. Soft skills always come into play. The ability to effectively communicate regardless of the situation or subject matter complexity is a must.

Superior technical ability is severely hindered when an individual lacks the soft skills necessary to clearly articulate or communicate critical information. This not only limits the potential of the individual, but the business as a whole. There is an upside, soft skills can be learned through very deliberate and purposeful learning activities.

These purposeful learning activities yield considerable development of soft skills and can be done in a bite-sized approach. Structured scenario-based learning programs break down large subjects or topics so they can be mastered at a more individualized pace. Even a seemingly simple situation requiring soft skills should be broken into scenarios so that each can be studied and responses can be practiced, coached, and mastered before tying them all together, tackling the whole conversation.

Increase your team’s value to the organization. Develop the soft skills along with hard skills, don’t let one hold back the other and limit potential.