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Narrow Your Focus

This year has taught us many things, likely the most important lesson is the simple reminder of what we can and cannot control in life and business. For some, this lesson ignited a shift in priorities to a more limited number of things, things that we can control, things that truly matter and make a difference. Granted the specifics differ from business to business and person to person, there is a commonality in the idea of a narrowed scope and priorities of the highest value.

In our personal lives this may mean going back to basics, taking on fewer things, only what matters most. For many this is a sharper focus on family, close friends, health, or a renewed joy in an old hobby. As for our professional lives, a narrow focus could mean limiting the number of projects or initiatives to only those with the largest impact. With greater focus comes greater concentration, great concentration equates to more throughput. We may find ourselves getting more done!

A narrow focus frees up time, what you do with that time is what matters. It should come as no surprise that we would encourage you to use that time to improve at something. Being obsessed with the power of practice here at Rehearsal, we view practice as your most powerful tool. Whether you are practicing guitar or a sales pitch, intense focus on something that brings simple pleasure or measurable impact is tremendously rewarding.

Narrow your focus and accomplish more with practice.