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Employees Choose Video First

According to Forrester Research and others, employees choose video as their preferred media format. This was even the case prior to 2020 when everyone was forced to dust off their webcams and get comfortable with video in the new virtual world. Video is a powerful medium for not only one-to-one communication, but for one-to-many as well. It’s engaging and more personal than a phone call. Video brings emotion and body language into consideration. It also requires that participants focus more intensely on the conversation at hand rather than the occasional “okay” or “I agree” heard only audibly over the phone and intended to convince others that you are still on the line and listening to every word.

When it comes to training and skill development, video wins again for many of the same reasons. Video creates a more engaging experience. It can also create a learning environment more closely resembling that of the real job. By reducing the figurative distance between learning and actual environments, skills application happens faster and with more knowledge retention. More effective training with greater impact on the business is the ultimate result.

There’s no better time than now to bring video into the classroom, whether virtual or in-person. With nearly everyone’s relationship with their webcam having greatly improved over the last 12 months and it’s unlikely to slow down anytime soon, the value and adoption of video-based learning has never been more second nature.

Turn on the webcam or take out your smartphone, fire up the camera, and start becoming great.