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L&D – Your Most Valuable Profit Center

Learning Development Team Meeting

Video is brought into the spotlight once again with Rehearsal’s recent mention in Forbes. The author, Stephen Baer, highlights that working virtually can save companies around $11,000 per employee annually. He goes on to suggest that corporations reinvest that savings back into people, their largest profit center. This sounds straightforward, but the challenge most L&D teams face is engaging remote workers.

While video is one of the most effective means to acquire and retain engagement, is video in itself what makes Rehearsal so effective? There is no question that video is a powerful training delivery method, but that’s just it, video is a content delivery method. A prescribed workflow that facilitates practice is what makes the experience engaging and effective.

A workflow ensures effectiveness by creating structure. A place to start, a path to follow. Something to help replicate, measure against, and scale. Workflows guide the learning experience, by prompting for action at very specific moments, creating intent with every action.

Now for practice, specifically Deliberate Practice, which is an intensely engaging learning experience with lasting impact. This is where goals are set, skills are tested, performance measured, feedback provided, and tested again. The repetitive nature is where skills are mastered and confidence soars. Practice is where teachings are put into motion. Without it, training is rather ineffective and simply checks a box.

Do we want our remote teams to strive for greatness or simply check boxes? Let’s help L&D become what is undeniably the largest corporate profit center.