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March 28th, 2017

Rehearsal Announces the Launch of Screen Video Recording

Easy screen recording works with any desktop browser and opens up new opportunities for Rehearsal’s customer base

Rehearsal, the leading video-based practice platform, today announced the addition of screen capture to its suite of practice solutions. Included free of charge with all Rehearsal offerings, screen recording is a platform extension that gives anyone using Rehearsal the ability to create, upload, and share screen recordings in real time. Providing fast, easy, screen recording will help learners practice and communicate more clearly and comprehensively than ever before.

“We are making it easy for our customers to capture their screen as part of their everyday practice approach. The seamless integration of screen recording tears down the barriers that have kept users from reaching the next level of practice performance. By allowing users to record their screen in real time, its now possible to develop truly complex practice scenarios, such as giving detailed PowerPoint presentations or demonstrating hands-on software proficiency.” said Darik Volpa, Founder and CEO of Rehearsal.

With over 120,000 active users, and dozens of Fortune 500 customers, Rehearsal continues to introduce best-in-class technology advancements to lead the industry in video-based practice.

About Rehearsal

Rehearsal is a video-based practice platform. It gives your team a safe place to role-play and develop their communication skills so they can perform when it matters. Conveniently review, coach, and share responses to inspire the whole team.

Rehearsal is privately held, debt free, and rapidly growing.

August 12th, 2016

Rehearsal’s Rebrand Leads to Strong Growth and International Expansion

Following the rebrand announced in May, Rehearsal experiences triple digit growth and continues to focus on international expansion.

Following completion of a successful rebranding and expansion effort, Rehearsal is fast becoming the disruptive force in the online training space, moving far beyond simple role-play and now focusing on videobased practice applicable to all types of industries and professional functions.

Rehearsal’s best-in-class video-based practice platform has been adopted by twenty-two Fortune 500 companies, helping them to enhance selling skills, focus messaging, and accelerate leadership development. Customers have reported a near triple-digit return on investment in their first year of use.

““We are quickly surpassing our 2016 targets by delivering on key customer, technology, and financial goals,” stated Darik Volpa, Chief Executive Officer of Rehearsal. “We continue to expand up market, signing larger customers while driving above-market growth in our customer base. From a technology perspective, we rolled out meaningful enhancements to our platform including a redesigned administrative user interface, a user notification system, and a new recording engine leveraging cutting-edge technologies like WebRTC API.”

Rehearsal’s subscription revenue has increased 248% year to date, with a year over year increase of more than 500% from the third quarter of 2015. Subscription dollar retention rates remain high, while customer churn was below 10%.

Rehearsal also expanded its language capabilities to include French, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Japanese.

About Rehearsal VRP

Rehearsal VRP is a video-based practice platform that gives teams a safe place to develop their communication skills so they can perform when it matters. Users can conveniently review, coach, and share responses to inspire the whole team.

Rehearsal VRP is privately held, debt free, and rapidly growing.

December 7th, 2015

The 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology

Rehearsal VRP Wins Gold & Silver

Rehearsal VRP, a leader in innovative video-based practice, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold award for the Best Advance in Software for a Training Company and a Silver award for Best Advance in Coaching category. Rehearsal VRP’s win was announced on December 3, 2015. The


“2015 has been a breakout year for Rehearsal as we have seen strong customer adoption and triple digit sales growth. Receiving a Gold and Silver award from The Brandon Hall Group further legitimizes our efforts among our peers and is a great finish to an amazing year” said Rehearsal VRP CEO, Darik Volpa.

“Our award winners are the most visionary and innovative developers of HCM technology solutions that move organizations forward in serving employees, customers and investors,” said Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer Rachel Cooke, who runs the awards program. “I think everyone can learn from the achievements of our award recipients.”

“These award-winning solutions were closely evaluated by our judges for not only their innovation, but the real results they brought to the organizations,” Brandon Hall Group Chief Executive Office Mike Cooke said. “That is what makes our technology awards program special – connecting creativity and innovation to direct business results.”

A panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, and Brandon Hall Group senior analysts and executives evaluated the entries based upon the following criteria:

  • Product: What was the product’s breakthrough innovation?
  • Unique differentiators: What makes the product unique and how (does it differ from any competing products?
  • Value proposition: What problem does the product solve and/or what need does this product address?
  • Measurable results: What are the benefits customers can expect to (experience as a result of using this product?

About Rehearsal VRP

Rehearsal VRP is a video-based practice platform that gives teams a safe place to develop their communication skills so they can perform when it matters. Users can conveniently review, coach, and share responses to inspire the whole team.

Rehearsal VRP is privately held, debt free, and rapidly growing.

February 18th, 2015

Rehearsal VRP Releases the Conversation Thread

Most significant enhancement to date now allows ongoing video dialogue between students and trainers.

Rehearsal VRP is excited to announce the release of the Conversation Thread. This major update improves video coaching and interactions with ongoing, dynamic discussions between students and trainers. Meaningful mentoring, teaching, and coaching requires more than a single interaction. Trainers and coaches need a way to make interfacing with students more personal and impactful. The Conversation Thread does just this and allows much greater flexibility for Rehearsal VRP users.

“Rehearsal’s Conversation Thread brings scenarios to life by giving mentors the ability to maintain an active dialogue with students. The flexibility of having back-and-forth conversation increases the applications and the effectiveness of the platform. This opens up a whole new application for what Rehearsal VRP is and can be”, said Darik Volpa, Founder and CEO.

Previously, when a student responded to a scenario, the only option was to grade or clear the response. Now, you can ask a question or give feedback and continue the interaction by prompting the student for a follow-up video response. This conversation can go on for as long as you like. In addition to this new flexibility, a community of mentors can now provide feedback to a student’s response.

January 19, 2015

Rehearsal VRP now part of Rebellion Training, LLC

This spin-off from will provide greater focus on the training and development market.

Effective January 1, 2015 Rehearsal VRP is now a subsidiary of Rebellion Training, LLC. Rebellion Training serves as the parent company of Rehearsal VRP and any future training-related subsidiaries. Rehearsal VRP is a company focused on video-based role-play training that will continue to develop enhancements to its award-winning technology. Future subsidiaries of Rebellion Training will support the ever-growing need to reform the training and development industry.

“When I hear statistics from IBM that 70-90% of every dollar invested in training is wasted and that 40% of total sales training costs are spent on travel and lodging, I get angry,” says Darik Volpa, Founder and CEO of Rebellion Training. “We are committed to stopping this waste and we want our parent company to reflect that mission. I think rebellion captures our passion for providing innovative products and services in the training and development industry.”

Rehearsal VRP continues to be recognized for offering leading edge technology in support of role-play and video as a training method. “We have found role-play to be one of the most effective training and communication tools in the industry, but when travel and time are at a premium, we had to find a way to preserve the benefits, while lowering the costs,” says Darik Volpa. “Rehearsal VRP addresses these issues and allows organizations to easily incorporate role-play and scenario- based learning into their training curriculums.”

About Rebellion Training, LLC

Rebellion Training is focused on transforming the training and development industry with products that will change how people learn, communicate and perform. Rebellion Training is the parent company of Rehearsal VRP, a subsidiary offering video role-play technology.

December 29, 2014

Rehearsal VRP Recognized with 2014 Optimas Award by Workforce Magazine

Company Receives Gold in Innovation Category.

Rehearsal VRP has received a highly respected Optimas Award from Workforce magazine, a business magazine serving the human resources industry since 1922. The company received gold in the Innovation category for its ability to use video as a communication platform.

Celebrating its 23rd year, Optimas Award winners are recognized for identifying a serious business issue within their organization and implementing a successful HR strategy, generating positive results. Winners are chosen by the Workforce editorial staff based on significant business results. Companies of all sizes are eligible to participate.

“Too often, the work of innovative HR departments flies under the radar, unnoticed by many outside their organizations,” said Mike Prokopeak, editor in chief of Human Capital Media, which publishes Workforce magazine. “The Workforce Optimas Awards are an opportunity to celebrate more broadly the important work HR departments across the world are doing to develop meaningful and effective solutions to significant workplace challenges – and deliver noteworthy results in the process.”

All Optimas winners will be featured in the December issue of Workforce magazine. For more information on the Optimas Awards, please visit