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Your Harshest Critic May be You…So Get Over Yourself!

Written by Darik Volpa

I saw this article in HRB so I assumed it was credible and timely but what I found is that it is incredible and timeless. In a group of 10 people, maybe half will say they never want to speak in a public arena, two or three may say they are ok with it if they have to do it, and the remaining are your budding thespians who get on the stage and in front of a mic whenever they can. But here’s what I find incredible….you are still afraid of what you’d look like or sound like or say once you walk up to address the mic?

I get fear of the lights shining on you; fear of tripping up the stairs or on the carpet as you walk into the presentation room; fear of a bad AV connection — those are random occurrences and you’ll have to deal with them at some point. But you know what shouldn’t be random? 


In the generation of #selfies, do you really not know what you look like? And I mean doing everything…I have seen what Gwen Stefani looks like when she wakes up in the morning and even President Obama was caught practicing his smile and his wink, “Things Everybody does but Doesn’t Talk About”.

So to many the fear is, like Teddy and his successors have said as recently as at last night’s DNC Convention #HRC, fear itself. You no longer have to fear how you’ll “show up” in the arena. You don’t have to worry about mumbling, misconstruing words, missing the message, or licking your lips 50K times in a 30-minute presentation. Why? Because you have technology that will handle that. Specifically, you have practice technology called Rehearsal.

Whether your anxiety shows up when you have to speak in front of tens of thousands, present to a group of co-workers, or meet with a new prospect, you don’t have to fear anything because you can practice EVERYTHING. Fear is what you make it and only you can let it grow and take over. Or you can take control of it. Put yourself in the hot seat — no one needs to be watching — you are your harshest critic after all…so get over yourself. Let Rehearsal help you to show the world who you really are. 

Go forward my fearless friends.

About the Author

Alice Heiman

Darik Volpa is a passionate entrepreneur. He’s started two successful software companies including Understand.com and Rehearsal VRP. Prior to this, Darik had a successful 10-year career at Stryker Corporation in various sales and marketing roles.