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How many times did Colonel Sanders try to sell his fried chicken recipe?


We found this. We love this. Here’s why. We run a company based on practice. Every time we give a demo or discuss our technology with a new client, we are asked: “On average, how many times does someone record a response before they submit a final version?” We can tell you that answer: It’s 6.

But the beauty is not in that number. The beauty lives in what happens next: trying again. The Rehearsal technology works to combine practice with coaching. The process should be cyclical and should be evaluated either by reaching an expected level of performance (as deemed by the organization or manager) or by seeing continuous improvement. Maybe you have defined specific outcomes for yourself that will indicate that you made. Sly Stallone wasn’t going to stop trying until his Rocky script was sold with him as the main character. It took 1500 tries!

Maybe you are trying to get through a presentation without speaking too quickly or without ever saying “um”. It may take 6 times. It may take 100. But with Rehearsal, you’ll know when you’ve made it and you’ll have the documentation to prove that you’ve done it and the confidence to know you can do it again.

Maybe you are trying to make a big sale. When it’s a big deal, do you stop with the very first “No”? Of course not. But you certainly don’t go back again with the same approach, pitch, or message. You create a new one and you practice it. It may take 6 times. It may take 100. But when you finally get the sale, you’ll know exactly what you looked like and how it sounded because with Rehearsal you’ll have it documented. And better yet, you can share what worked with others on your team. Or show your manager exactly how it happened. If the founder of Pandora.com stopped at the 299th try, you may never have had the chance to listen to Michael Jackson all the time, every day, and on every device you own.

Practice matters. All the good ones do it. How many times will you try?