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Ability to Communicate: Enabler, Inhibitor, or Both?

The Endless Art of Communication, by Alana Karen, a 17-year Google employee (yes that’s right, 17 years!) is a candid reflection of feedback received early in her career and the dedication to develop her communication skills ever since. She states three truths when it comes to the importance of communication skills:

    1. Career opportunities are determined by your ability to communicate
    2. Your ability to communicate can also be a career limiter
    3. Improving your communication skills never ends

She points out that a strength can also be a weakness. We may hold a wealth of information but lack the ability to articulate it in a clear and compelling way. There were three things that made a difference in her ability to communicate:

    1. Choosing the most important information to share
    2. Questions from the audience should be taken as feedback to strengthen your message
    3. Prioritize and practice communication skills over and over again

What does this mean to those of us here at Rehearsal where practice is paramount? Everything! A consistent effort spread over time ignites notable change. Alana’s post (and career) illustrate Deliberate Practice, self awareness, and the drive to improve. Congratulations on a stellar career Alana, we will continue to watch and admire you as a power of practice role model.