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Coaching Enablement

According to the ATD 2017 State of the Industry report, 45.7% of organizations use on-the-job coaching by managers, which leads us to question the nature of that coaching: is it spontaneous or rehearsed? What is the delivery method? Are they subject matter experts, or simply part of the organizational hierarchy?

Managers are not only imparting knowledge while coaching, but receiving knowledge and developing skills as well. Do they anticipate business situations and preemptively practice coaching skills accordingly? Athletes don’t wait until game time, they break down skills and practice each one in advance, repeatedly. Managers shouldn’t be any different.

When it comes to successful sales enablement initiatives, coaching enablement must be a foundational component. Businesses reach new levels of success when the development trajectory of coaches matches that of players.

Remember, whether a customer service rep, sales manager, or CEO, we are all players in the game of business.