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You’ve Thought Enough, Now do the Work


In his most recent weekly newsletter our friend James Clear posed a question to readers: Do you really need to think more, or is it simply a matter of doing the work? It’s a simple yet thought-provoking question. With endless information at our fingertips, our goals may be obscured by all the noise.

In the spirit of continuous improvement in life and business, there is simply no substitute for doing the actual work. This doesn’t mean one should work aimlessly without purpose, knowing when to pause the thinking and start doing is incredibly important.

With respect to video-based practice and coaching, one might be tempted to consternate over the perfect, all-encompassing program to overcome all organizational skills-gaps but this is a recipe for disaster. A better approach with a much higher likelihood for success is to start with one specific topic or skill. Put in the work, the results may surprise you.

You’ve thought enough, now do the work.