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The Foundation for a Successful Sales Professional

Similar to elite athletes, successful sales professionals possess a unique drive to win. Other professions may strive for success, but not with the same ferocious competitive spirit. It’s one of the reasons sales is an exciting profession, but for those just venturing into sales or find themselves in a new sales role, what makes for a strong start?

Closing sales is far more complex than recalling product knowledge and pricing information. Although there are many commonly used sales methodologies, the ability to craft an effective message for a prospect is universal and critical for not only early success, but for continued success as well. Nearly all sales training deliver product information and pricing, leaving sales professionals to practice with prospects and customers. Effective sales training involves obtaining the product knowledge and then honing the soft skills required to deliver the massaging and engage in a dialog that leads to a sale. Crafting the conversation (or messaging) is key in helping sellers succeed more quickly.

Beyond revenue, a hidden benefit is increased retention. Turnover is a common pain point in many sales organizations, however if sellers are more successful sooner, they are far less likely to leave.

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