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Ensuring Performance with Today’s Mobile Workforce

Training usually consists of digesting training materials, studying product or service offering details, and likely taking a test, but that doesn’t mean learners can demonstrate the desired skill or behavior when it matters most. Many organizations place false hope in top test scores equating to high job performance. Unfortunately, those with top test scores can lack the ability to deliver the necessary skills.

With more remote workers than ever before, organizations can easily lose visibility to whether or not individuals can deliver skills needed for high job performance. While tests and quizzes are a proven means to ensure knowledge retention, video helps develop and validate a learner’s ability to demonstrate critical job skills, regardless of their locale.

The most successful organizations provide learners a safe place to perfect their skills and receive coaching and feedback to ensure they can perform when it matters most. Video can create this environment in a way where leaders can observe how learners truly perform and can then coach as needed.