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Difficult Conversations in Diversity and Inclusion

Close up of international business team showing unity with putting their hands together on top of each other. Concept of teamwork, top view

Diversity and inclusion is bigger than a corporate policy or company culture, but rather society and humankind. Because of this, diversity and inclusion can create some of the most sensitive conversations one can experience. Charged with emotion and deeply rooted in one’s experience and perspective, a simple interaction gone wrong can set off a chain reaction throughout an organization.

While technology isn’t able to fix societal concerns, it can lend a helping hand in preparing professionals for difficult conversations related to them. You would never want to practice in the heat of the moment during a sensitive conversation. While many organizations face similar challenges around diversity and inclusion, each must weigh those unique to them and their culture and decide how best to tackle them. Regardless, no one would be at a disadvantage given the opportunity to face tough questions or situations, practice addressing and navigating them, and ultimately receive coaching and feedback to strengthen their skills.

Although difficult conversations occur across a wide array of subjects, diversity and inclusion is especially sensitive and important. While you can’t foresee every situation you may encounter, time spent honing skills in that area will always yield more positive outcomes.

Ultimately, if you are better equipped to engage in such conversations, you may gain a better understanding of each other’s perspective and experience a very fulfilling sense of growth and acceptance.