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The Value of Consistent Messaging

A consistent unified message is valuable in a number of ways. From company culture, approaching sensitive conversations, product positioning in the market, or messaging around business strategy and direction, consistency and accurate delivery of messaging is vital.

Companies taking a very intentional approach in defining their culture consider it important to consistently convey their ideals. From the CEO to a hiring manager in discussions with prospective hires, the ability to convey company values effectively can set the organization apart. This impacts company reputation, recruiting, retention, and more. There is typically a generally agreed-upon message, but how many people within the company can articulate it?

Consistency in company messaging is paramount when it comes to IPO, merger, or acquisition. What can be said and how it should be said are critical and can even have legal ramifications if missteps are made. Whether divulging financial information or confidential strategy, it can be permanently damaging. If everyone is clear on approved messaging and the delivery of said messaging well practiced, mistakes can be avoided.

Product messaging is likely the most commonly discussed, involving what a product or service is, how it solves customer challenges, its competitive advantages, and more. This messaging can be straight-forward, but depending on the industry, it can be rather technical. It can also be subject to regulations, making accurate delivery a must. Although the messaging may already be defined, can those involved deliver it accurately?